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Default Re: Legendary Rangers?

Originally Posted by ravensbaby4life View Post
I don't watch these mega force seasons but I have been seeing clips of these "legendary ranger mode" or whatever it's called. What's up with this? Is there a point? Like are the producers/writers paying homage or was this all stock footage that was going to happen anyway? If so what's the story behind them having the ability to transform into powers from the past that have been destroyed?
So confused.
Yes there is a point since it was their 20th anniversary season however it is stock footage but they were still attempting to pay homage.
There was no story behind it in Megaforce.

Originally Posted by TrickyDicky007 View Post
It was stock footage. The sentai it came from was the 35th anniversary, so the rangers had the ability to unlock past powers using ranger keys. Same with power rangers, as it fits their 20th anniversary. Sentai gave a much better explanation, megaforce was just - "eh, we have these keys, use them".

Originally Posted by ravensbaby4life View Post
Lol it felt pretty random
Yea it was random in Megaforce.

Originally Posted by drei85 View Post
The sentai involved space "pirates" who find these power keys scattered through space and they keep them in a treasure chest. They're searching for the ultimate treasure, supposedly, anyway, the reason the various legendary powers are scattered in space in the sentai is the previous teams used them like a Care Bear stare.

In this series, it appears they just have access to the powers from the morphing grid, and maybe the previous rangers can still access them if they want or can. Because, you know, Once a Ranger always a Ranger.

Anyway, the "pirate" theme involved a joke about how the legendary forms are "pirated" copies.
Exactly but to keep it more simple for the TC, Super Megaforce's footage is taken from Gokaiger which was the 35th Sentai so Toei was celebrating that. They started Gokaiger off with their "Legendary War" which was a short battle that featured the first 34 teams that are fighting the new foot soldiers. Eventually all of them sacrifice their powers and they all go into these keys called "Ranger Keys." Gokaiger was capable of transforming into any of those 34 Sentai team members including some allies such as ones that we would know of as Blue Senturion and Sentinel Knight.
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