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Default Power Rangers' Twitters

I thought I would post a thread that would show all of you the Power Rangers' actual twitters. Each one will be in bold in the event that it's a twitter account that has been verified however ones that are not always the actor/actress themselves will be given a note after their name to denote such a thing.
Additionally this thread is just for the actual Power Rangers, separate threads will be made for the villains and for the crew members in the event that the crew member did not do any voice roles or any notable screen work.

I'll include a note with the Power Rangers' character name as well as their Ranger powers as well, this will only count Power Rangers characters so even if say for example they did another role as a villain then that villain character will not be included in this listing.

Also yes this will count actors if they were for example the 4 actors that played Trey since there were the 3 actors due to them being triplets and then there was the voice actor for the character.

Also this will only count characters in the TV series or movies and not from the pilot.

Also as much as I hate Samuell Benta because of the incident that occurred at the first Power Morphicon his twitter account will be included here too.

Also there's need to be clear evidence that the account is something the actor or actress posts on, if their "about me" says anything else then it will not be included on here.

Also despite how much I dislike Karan Ashley right now I will still include her on this list because she was once a Power Ranger.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Walter Jones (Zack, Black Ranger) =
Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, Pink Ranger) =
David Yost (Billy, Blue Ranger) =
Austin St. John (Jason, Red Ranger and 2nd Gold Ranger) =
Jason David Frank (Tommy, Green Ranger, White Ranger, Zeo Ranger 5, Red Turbo Ranger, Black Dino Ranger) =

Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam, 2nd Black Ranger and Zeo Ranger 4) =
Karan Ashley (Aisha, 2nd Yellow) =
Steve Cardenas (Rocky, 2nd Red Ranger and Zeo Ranger 3) =

Catherine Sutherland (Kat, 2nd Pink Ranger and Zeo Ranger 1) =

Alien Rangers
Power Rangers Zeo
Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo Ranger 2) =
DeFilippo Triplets (actors of the 3 Treys) =
Brad Hawkins (voice of Trey the Gold Ranger) =
Power Rangers Turbo
Blake Foster (Justin, Blue Ranger) =
Power Rangers In Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Melody Perkins (Karone, 2nd Pink Galaxy Ranger) =
Archie Kao (Kai, Blue Galaxy Ranger) =
Cerina Vincent (Maya, Yellow Galaxy Ranger) =
Danny Slavin (Leo, Red Galaxy Ranger) =
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Keith Robinson (Joel, Green Ranger) =
Alison MacInnis (Dana, Pink Ranger) =
Michael Chaturantabut (Chad, Blue Ranger) =
Sasha Williams now known as Sasha Craig (Kelsey, Yellow Ranger) =
Sean Cw Johnson (Carter, Red Ranger) =
Rhett Fisher (Ryan, Titanium Ranger) =
Power Rangers Time Force

Erin Cahill (Jen, Pink Ranger) = (Note: Her Admin team has access to her account as well and will send out tweets on their own through her account)
Michael Copon (Lucas, Blue Ranger) =

Jason Faunt (Wes and Alex, Red Ranger) =
Power Rangers Wild Force
Jessica Rey (Alyssa, White Ranger) =

Ricardo Medina, Jr. (Cole, Red Ranger) =
Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Sally Martin (Tori, Blue Wind Ranger) =
Glenn McMillan (Dustin, Yellow Wind Ranger) =
Pua Magasiva (Shane, Red Wind Ranger) =

Jorgito Vargas, Jr. (Blake, Navy Thunder Ranger) =
Jason Chan (Cam, Green Samurai Ranger) =
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Emma Lahana (Kira, Yellow Dino Ranger) =
Kevin Duhaney (Ethan, Blue Dino Ranger) =

Jeff Parazzo (Trent, White Dino Ranger) =
Power Rangers S.P.D.
[b]Brandon Jay McLaren (Red Ranger)[/b[ =
Chris Violette (Sky, Blue Ranger and Red Ranger) =
Matt Austin (Bridge, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger and Red Ranger) =
Monica May (Z, Yellow Ranger) =
Alycia Purrott now known as Alycia "Ally" Armstrong (Syd, Pink Ranger) =
John Tui (Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, S.P.D. Shadow Ranger and Dagggeron, Solaris Knight) =

Michelle Langstone (Dr. Kat Manx, Kat Ranger) =
Power Rangers Mystic Force
Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Green Ranger =
Angie Diaz
Melanie Vallejo (Madison, Blue Ranger) =
Nic Sampson (Chip, Yellow Ranger) =
Firass Dirani (Nick/Bowen, Red Ranger) =
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Samuell Benta (Will, Black Ranger) =
Rhoda Montemayor (Rose, Pink Ranger) =

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Anna Hutchison (Lily, Yellow Ranger) =
Jason Smith (Casey, Red Ranger) =
Aljin Abella (Theo, Blue Ranger) =
David De Lautour (RJ, Wolf Ranger) =
Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic, Rhino Ranger) =
Power Rangers RPM
Rose McIver (Summer, Ranger Yellow) =

Ari Boyland (Flynn, Ranger Blue) =

Daniel Ewing (Dillon, Ranger Black) =

Mike Ginn (Gem, Ranger Gold) =

Power Rangers Samurai
Kimberley Crossman (Lauren, true Red Samurai Ranger) =
Hector David, Jr. (Mike, Green Ranger) =
Erika Fong (Mia, Pink Ranger) =
Najee De-Tiege (Kevin, Blue Ranger) =
Brittany Pirtle (Emily, Yellow Ranger) =
Alex Heartman (Jayden, Red Ranger) =
Steven Skyler (Antonio, Gold Ranger) =
Power Rangers Megaforce
Azim Rizk (Jake, Black Megaforce Ranger and Green Super Megaforce Ranger) =
Christina Masterson (Emma, Pink Ranger) =
John Mark Loudermilk (Noah, Blue Ranger) =
Ciara Hanna (Gia, Yellow Ranger) =
Andrew Gray (Troy, Red Ranger) =
Cameron Jebo (Orion, Silver Ranger) =
Power Rangers Dino Charge

Camille Hyde (Shelby, Pink Ranger) =
Michael Taber (Riley, Green Ranger) =
Yoshua Sudarso (Koda, Blue Ranger) =
James Davies (Chase, Black Ranger) =
Brennan Mejia (Tyler, Red Ranger) =
Claire Blackwelder (Kendall, Purple Ranger) =
Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Chrysti Ane (Sarah, Pink Ranger) =

Peter Sudarso (Preston, Blue Ranger) =

Nico Greetham (Calvin, Yellow Ranger) =

Jordi Webber (Levi, Gold Ranger) =

Power Rangers (2017 Movie)

Ludi Lin (Zack, Black Ranger) =

Naomi Scott (Kimberly, Pink Ranger) =

RJ Cyler (Billy, Blue Ranger) =

Becky G (Trini, Yellow Ranger) =

Dacre Montgomery (Jason, Red Ranger) =
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