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Zabitan 03/12/12 10:42 AM

Power Rangers coming to DVD.
It has just been announced that Shout Factory will be making DVDs for all the seasons of Power Rangers as well as other Saban super hero shows.


However, the deal DOES include other Saban programs, including Big Bad Beetleborgs (a.k.a. Beetleborgs Metallix), V.R. Troopers, and the short-lived live-action show Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. The HMM story by John Latchem reports that the "Initial rollout plans for the Saban are slated to begin in summer 2012, according to Shout! Factory, with single-season sets to start and potentially complete-series sets in the future."

Taken from: http://tvshowsondvd.com/n/16646#ixzz1ouvfTPsb
Needless to say I'm excited about this, and I hope they sell good.

MattEmily 03/12/12 01:22 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
Me too, me too, me too, me too. I'm truly excited for this DVD release. Too bad we'll never see any decent bonus features though.

Zabitan 03/12/12 06:45 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
I don't know there's a lot of VR Troopers stuff I didn't even know existed or I did but didn't how much it got actually made until it got put on the internet:

The Cybertron pilot

the dubbed spoof made by the cast


Next time on promos

So who knows it might have stuff we don't even know about. Though I'll be happy they just have commentaries for all the episodes.

Honestly that's only reason I'm debating whether to just get the single season sets or wait for the box set.

MattEmily 03/12/12 08:36 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
Maybe, maybe not. Some of those PSAs might not even be property of Saban for all we know.

PRangerX 03/13/12 08:47 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
This is huge news. A day people have been waiting for for some time.

Zabitan 03/13/12 08:54 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.

Originally Posted by PRangerX (Post 43503)
This is huge news. A day people have been waiting for for some time.


Anything you want to see on the DVDs?

MattEmily 03/14/12 03:02 AM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
I for one am very happy about this news.

For me, I'd like unseen footage for Power Rangers, VRT, Beetleborgs and Masked Rider.

PRangerX 03/14/12 07:06 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
I'd love to have special features and lost footage. But thats probably not going to happen. Most of the lost footage is in the hands of fans anyway.

Zabitan 03/14/12 07:37 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
I hear ya that's the kind of stuff I'd be interested in seeing if it exists like Behind the scenes stuff where they show how they filmed things.

Also like I said earlier I would like to see commentaries by the cast and crew where they explain how they made stuff or came up with it.

MattEmily 03/20/12 01:47 PM

Re: VR Troopers coming to DVD.
Even though this thread is for VR Troopers on DVD, I think we should rename the thread title and just make it the general thread for all of the series that Shout Factory will be releasing on Saban's behalf. Any objections?

Anyway I also would like to see commentaries by cast and crew as well but preferably just by the cast and the prop maker. Also I'd like to hear a commentary by at least 1 writer to hear everything that they do before they write an episode.

Anyway I saw this over on the Shout Factory board.


Most requested: Original, unadulterated versions of each episode
•This obviously includes Time Force episodes as they were before the 9/11 edits.
•This should include the "Today On" and "Next Time" segments. These were especially interesting when the "Next Time" previews included footage not ever seen in the episode they referenced. (Presumably these would be skippable via the scene-advance button.)
•TV and home video version of "I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger."
•Seamless multi-parters when they were aired that way.

(Many people seem to agree that the above section is the requirement for the DVDs to be considered satisfactory; other requests would then be considered optional.)

Popular requests (in no particular order):
• Captions if available.
•Blooper segments as aired in end credits (including any that may have been edited together but covered up by network promos). Previously unseen bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage would also be a treat, especially for seasons that never got blooper segments.
•The famed Bioman pilot, if it still exists.
•The original pilot version of "Day of the Dumpster" (begins in a bowling alley). Note the existence of a (truly unaired) version that's more violent as opposed to the watered-down version that aired in the 1999 "Lost Episode" special.
•Zeo serial: All segments of the "It's Coming" Zeo serial that aired before MMPR season 3 reruns.
•Deleted scenes if available (notably from "Countdown to Destruction" and "Forever Red").
•Alternate versions of episodes if available and radically different from the aired versions (notably "Foul Play in the Sky" and "Doomsday").

Other items requested somewhat frequently (not necessarily deal-breakers if omitted):
• Audio commentaries for select episodes, crew interviews.
•Episodes in the "right" order (if such an order can even be established).
•The "making of" a typical episode (from raw sentai episode to written script to filming, editing, and ADR).
•Public service announcements.
•Assorted commercials (notably toy commercials).
•Assorted specials (mostly direct-to-video): MMPR Fan Club Video; Alpha's Magical Christmas; Lord Zedd's Monster Heads; The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid; Power Playback: Power Rangers Funniest Moments; Dino Thunder's SPD preview
•At least a mention of each season's sentai source.
•Uncut Zyu2 battles
I edited some of that quote to avoid any links so that I wouldn't have to re-add any links.

Here's what Brian, 1 of the guys in charge of working on the DVDs had to say in regards to that list.


Most of the items on that list have already been discussed between our consultant, Saban and myself. Unfortunately, there are certain things there that won't be making the set's list of bonus features, for various reasons, but there are quite a few there that we're in the process of acquiring now. I think fans will be pleased over all.
Any guesses on what will and won't be making the list out of what is listed? We probably won't get any PSAs since I believe PSAs were usually ordered by Fox Kids and those would likely be property of Fox Kids itself which means Disney probably still has all rights to the PSAs and related show commercials. Bandai I would assume would have the rights to toy commercials though.

I also can't see the Bioman pilot ever seeing the light of day either. It's doubtful anyone even remembers it and if they do, they probably have no clue where it went to.

It'd be nice if we could get the Zyu2 footage though so we could see the unedited version of all Zyu2 footage so we could get that cleared up but it's probably doubtful that it even exists anymore and if it does, Toei probably has it but doesn't know where they put it.

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