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04/17/11, 06:20 PM
What other interests and hobbies do you have besides Tokusatu.

04/17/11, 06:22 PM
me videogames and music production (house and electro mostly). I sometimes djing too

Shadow Ranger Blue
04/17/11, 07:33 PM
Martial arts, I've been training constantly for over 10 years now. I never stopped even when I had a broken wrist and broken toes. I think the only time I didn't train was when I got swine flu, that really took me out.

Artwork, especially making custom figures and I'm also getting into making helmets.

I guess you could count my animals as one. At the moment I have one gerbil (Zhane's brother Andros died on Tuesday, I miss him so much, he was my little guy) and three rats; Remy, Taylor and Splinter. The Rats I haven't had a month yet so they are still learning.

12/08/11, 10:43 PM
I like to play video games mostly SHMUPS, and RPGs.

I also like writing stories, write my own tv show, and movie scripts.

I like drawing I especially like drawing superheroes, monsters, robots, and spaceships, and I like drawing in the anime style

I'm currently working on my computer programming skills so I can make websites, and video games.

I also like to make photoshops mostly of VR Troopers with GIMP, I also like to dabble with Windows Movie Maker.

One of my things is to take scenes from the Battle Grid segments, and edit them to make new Battle Grid segments, and sometimes just for fun make them for episodes that didn't have Battle Grid segments.

Like I took some parts from Secret Admirer, and edited it to make it look like Secret Admirer had a Battle Grid segment.

I'm also using trying to see if I can copy, and paste it so that it looks there's a Battle Grid segment with only two Troopers, and edit it so that even if an episode already has a Battle Grid segment if it's just with one Trooper, I'll make it look like there is another one with just the others.

I.E. Take Kaitlin's Front Page which has a Battle Grid segment with just Kaitlin, and add another one with just Ryan, and JB, or take The Transmutant which has a Battle Grid segment with just JB, and add one with just Ryan, and Kaitlin.

12/12/11, 11:13 PM
Video games, hockey, meteorology, astronomy, reading, working out, writing.

05/22/13, 12:04 AM
Working on websites.

Occasionally I'll write Fanfics.

I also like playing video games like Pokémon and MLB The Show.

05/22/13, 12:18 AM
What kind of Fanfics do you write?

08/25/14, 03:53 PM
typically just Power Rangers stuff.

08/25/14, 07:34 PM
I see.

I write Power Rangers stuff too but it's mostly just "How I would do (insert season here) stuff.

Though I also have stories for other fandoms.

For instance I once an idea for a story that was an Ultraman/Detective Conan x-over.

08/30/14, 06:00 PM
sometimes I do the whole "how would I do (insert season here)" thing too. I did it with SPD and Mystic Force but I lost a lot of the Mystic Forcce ones.

09/11/14, 02:52 PM
I've been trying to copy and paste the ones that I still have (the ones that are complete I mean) into my HTML program and then I'll upload them to my Entertainment Site. I will also convert them to pdf files as well to make it easier on some people.

09/11/14, 03:40 PM

What kind of stuff where you going to change?

09/11/14, 08:22 PM
In the case of SPD, the year isn't cut and dry like it was with the actual season, it's left up to the readers' vision instead.

Because it's a police academy some things in the city and in the academy are named after legendary Rangers and there's also a lot more continuity as well..

There are more promotions throughout the story instead of the limited amount that we got in the season.

Most stories are taken from Dekaranger themselves but some are actually IMO made a lot better. I'm almost done with pasting them into my HTML program. Once I do I'll upload the related pages.

There are things that I've missed however so if you notice anything then let me know. I'm not the best writer in the world, my grammar sucks as well so while my story telling is good I'm not really good with putting it to paper (or on the computer.)

09/11/14, 09:42 PM
I see.

For now I'm just doing MMPR-In Space.

09/11/14, 10:41 PM
Also I've been typing out my own teamups as well. Basically I've done traditional ones (Zeo/Turbo, Turbo/Space) and non-traditional ones (like for example Time Force/Dino Thunder, a Lead Ranger only one, a 2nd Forever Red and a female only one.)

09/12/14, 12:12 AM
That's cool.

Currently I'm thinking of starting with Power Rangers Season One based on Zyuranger.

Then I'm going to do Season Two based on Dairanger as in the Rangers switch suits, and Brad Hawkins as Ryan Steele is the White Ranger, and Jason, Zack, and Trini stay but Rocky, Adam, and Aisha still appear just as allies.

And I make VR Troopers Season One based on Metalder, and Spielban with Jason David Frank as Tommy who's Metalder.

Then Power Rangers Season Three based on Kakuranger but Kimberly stays but still have Kat.

And VR Troopers Season Two based on Metalder, Spielban, and Juspion if I can make it work with Amy from Rise of the Red Python being Red Python, and Helen Lady who's purple instead of red, and Jeremy from The Virtual Spy who's Mad Gallant from Juspion but call him Black Dragon, and then he's Juspion.

As well as Kamen Rider Season One based on Kamen Rider Black but retool it into a lighter, and softer take on the Kamen Rider mythos with Dex as a mutant instead of an alien, and Count Dregon as a mad scientist instead of an alien, and Ferbus being Berri from Kamen Rider ZO, and J, and Robo Rider showing up more often.

Then I'm going to make Zeo based on Ohranger with Jason, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly retiring Ryan becoming Red, Adam becoming Green, Rocky becoming Blue, Aisha becoming Yellow, and Kat becoming Pink, and later Billy becomes Gold.

And VR Troopers Season Three based on Shaider, Spielban, Juspion, Gavan, and Sharivan with Tommy switching over to Shaider, and still finding his long lost brother David, and Jason returning with Jason as Gavan, and David as Sharivan.

And Masked Rider Season Two based on Kamen Rider Black RX with Robo still having more appearances, and becoming a good guy.

And Big Bad Beetle Borgs based on B-Fighter with White Blaster Beetle Borg staying around longer.

As well as my own Fan Made series Karato based on Jiban, Winspector, Sobrain, and Exceedraft with Jiban being Karato, and Winspector, Solbrain, and Exceedraft all being side heroes called the Mega Patrol who help Karato.

Then Power Rangers Turbo based on Carranger with Ryan, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kat, and Billy retiring at the beginning, and Justin being in elementary school.

And Beetle Borgs Metallic based on B-Fighter Kabuto but Josh becomes Dragon Borg, Van becomes Fire Borg, Trip becomes Lighting Borg, and Heather becomes Lady Borg.

And Karato Season Two based on Janperson, and Blue Swat with Karato becoming Janperson, and Gun Gibson as Silver Ray, and Mega Patrol becoming Blue Swat.

As well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Next Mutation.

Then Power Rangers In Space based on Megaranger but all the previous villains make more appearances, and all the various past teams, allies, and Saban superheroes appear.

Another fan made adaptation called Ninja Man based on Jiraiya.

Also every show crosses over with each other.

Power Rangers season two crossovers with VR Troopers season one.

PRS3 crossovers with VRTS2 and has one with Masked Rider, and VRT S2, and MRS1 have their own crossover.

Then Zeo, and VRTS3 have a crossover, Zeo and MRS2 have one, Zeo and Big Bad Beetle Borgs have one, VRTS3 and MRS2 , VRTS3 and BBBB
and MRS2, and BBBB

Then Turbo with Beetle Borgs Metallix, and Ninja Turtles, and BBM with.TMNT

Then In Space with Mystic Knights.

With regards to fan made shows what will happen is instead of Zeo coming out in Spring of 96 it came out in Fall of 96, same with Turbo in 97, and In Space in 98.

And instead Karato came out in 96, and Ninja Man came out in 97.

So that way season one of Karato season one crossovers with PRS3
, VRTS2, and MR S1 but it later crossovers with Zeo, VRT S3, MRS2 and BBB

Then season two also crossovers with Zeo, VRT S3, MRS2, and BBBB but then later crossovers with Turbo, BBM, and Ninja Turtles.

And Ninja Man also crossovers with Turbo , Ninja Turtles, and Beetle Borgs Metallix