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Power Rangers Online-Datafiles


1993 | 60 Episodes

After two astronauts release evil sorceress Rita Repulsa, she sets her sights to destroy Earth, making Zordon form the Power Rangers. Five high school students were given power coins, to transform into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

1994 | 52 Episodes

Lord Zedd comes to the Moon Palace, angered with Rita's failed attempt to capture the planet and destroy the Power Rangers. He banishes Rita back into a dumpster and takes control himself.

1994 | feature length film

Rita and Lord Zedd free Zordon's old Nemesis, Ivan  Ooze.  Ooze invades the Command Center and leaves Zordon near death.  The Rangers are left  powerless in the wake of the Command Center's invasion. They must go to Pheodos on a quest for the Ninjetti power and to save Zordon's very existance.

1995 | 45 Episodes

Rito Revolto, the brother of Rita Repulsa is on the scene, and causes the destruction of the Thunderzords. The Rangers must go on a Ninja Quest to search for more powers. A new girl comes to town named Katherine, but is she good or evil?

1996 | 50 Episodes

Goldar destroys the power coins, so the Rangers use the Zeo Crystal to gain new powers. The Machine Empire had invaded the moon, running Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa out. They are determined to rule the Earth.

1996 | feature length film

An evil Pirate Qween named Divatox chases the wizard Lerigot to earth. She needs him to gain enterance to the Nemisis Triangle. Once there she desires to free an ancient evil. The Rangers must chase afer Divatox with their new turbo powers. A new Blue Ranger jions the team. Some old friends also return.

1997 | 45 Episodes

The Rangers have shifted into Turbo after defeating Maligore on the Island of Muranthias. Zordon gains the option to return home to Eltar, making Dimitria the new mentor for the power team. While continuing to battle Divatox, the Rangers are asked to pass on their powers to a new generation.

1998 | 43 Episodes

After the destruction of the Power Chamber; TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie blast off into space to search for Zordon. There, they meet Andros a rogue Red Ranger who gives them new powers to battle Astronema.

1999 | 45 Episodes

Terra Venture has left the Earth in search for a new planet. A stowaway named Leo Corbett, and five others accidentally slip through a portal to another world were they release the Quasar Sabers. Can they protect their space colony from the evil of Trakeena?

2000 | 40 Episodes

The demons of Mariner Bay are back, and they want to reclaim their city. A government protection agency known as Lightspeed Rescue recruits five young adults to become the new Power Rangers.

2001 | 40 Episodes

Ransik, a mutant from the year 3000 escapes to the year 2001. Four Time Force officers steal a time ship and go after him. In the present, they meet Wes. Together, they become the Power Rangers Time Force.

2002  | 40 Episodes

When the pollution of Earth stirs up evil, five power orbs choose teens to become superheroes. Now the Rangers must battle the evil forces of the Orgs, led by the Master Org himself.

2003 | 38 Episodes

When three misfit students loose their Ninja Academy to an evil space Ninja named Lothor, their Sensei turned ginny pig mentor bestows upon them power morphers. Can they battle both Lothor and two mysterious evil Power Rangers?

2004 | 38 Episodes

Dr. Tommy Oliver reginites his Power Rangers past, and recurits three teenagers to stop the forces of Mesagog. With the help of Hayley, and a mysterious White Ranger they are a match for Mesagog and his cronies.

2005  | 38 Episodes

A highly trained unit of police are guarding the year 2020 from the forces of Emperor Grumm, a commander of a battle space ship who wants to control Earth.  B Squad must band together as a team in order to defeat their enimies.

2006 | 32  Episodes

A mystical  forest exists where all kinds of magical creatures dwell. Five teens brave the mystical forest and gain the power to fight evil as the Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Season 15

2007  | 32 Episodes

A group of  explorers with special skills are brought together to  find an important artifact. Can they find it, before the forces of evil get to it first?

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Season 16

2008 | 32  Episodes

The Order of the Claw has trained the protectors  of Dai Shi's spirit for generations. When Dai Shi escapes,  three young students must become the Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Their mission is to capture Dai Shi once again. 

Power Rangers RPM
Season 17

2009  | 32 Episodes

In the  Future,  the Venjix Virus has infected the Earth's computer systems. He built armies of robotic soldiers to decimate the Earth. The only city left is Corinth. The Power Rangers RPM must defend the last of humanity against.

Power Rangers Samurai
Season 18

2011  | 20 Episodes

In Ancient Times, the Nighloks terrorized the people of Earth. Ancient Samurai Worriers became Power Rangers. They used powerful Kenji to seal them away. Now the Nighloks have returned. And a new generation of Samurai must seal them away before the Sanzu River is unleashed. 

Power Rangers Super Samurai
Season 19

2012 | 20 Episodes

The Samurai Rangers must continue to battle the Nighloks. Including the devious Seratar .  The mystery of Jayden's origins is  focused on as a new Red Ranger is revealed.  As the Rangers continue to try and seal the Nighloks away forever. 


Power Rangers Megaforce

Season 20

2013  | 20 Episodes

When the Warstar Empire plans to invade Earth, Gosei recruits  five teenagers to become the Power Rangers Megaforce.  They must now stop Admiral Melkor before his army of insects invade the Earth. Robo Knight arrives as a new potential ally. 

Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Season 21

2014  | 20 Episodes

When a new Armada threatens the Earth, Gosei gives the Rangers new morphers and powers to battle the new threat. The Rangers also gain the ability to access the powers of past Ranger teams. A new ally in Orion Ranger arrives. All comes to the head as Rangers from past team up with our current heroes in the finalie. 

Power Rangers Dino Charge

Season 22

2013  | 20 Episodes

The Bounty Hunter Sledge chases Keeper to prehistoric Earth to capture the Energems. Keeper hides them among the dinosuars during an extinction event. In the present five teenagers find the Energems and become the Power Rangers Dino Charge. They must stop Sledge and his evil forces from getting their hands on the Energems.